The following programs are conducted throughout the year and may also be tailored to your organisation. For further information please contact us.

These programs were conducted over the past 10 years in partnership with the Swedish Foreign Ministry and the Folke Bernadotte Academy, Sweden.


The Role of Economic Actors in Conflict Prevention and Peace Building

Through their capacity to contribute to sustainable and equitable economic growth, economic actors are increasingly seen as an important factor and positive drivers of change in an inclusive and broad approach to prevention and peace building. The objective of this course is to give participants a deeper understanding of who the economic actors are, who they could be, and to provide guidance and practical tools on how to support and interact with them.  This provides a means to prevent the emergence, escalation and recurrence of violent conflict.

In view of the problems with mass unemployment in many conflict areas of the world, and its obvious link to instability and lack of development, the course will focus on the creation of employment in decent work instead of warfare; how to ensure access to the labour market by all groups, with a special focus on women and youth. Methods to support the emergence of new business will also be highlighted in the course. Participants will be trained in the use of dialogue and participatory processes as a tool to define needs, possibilities and challenges in terms of economic development and reconstruction.

This course is also an attempt to approach the concept of Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR) by focussing on the reintegration phase. In particular, the potential to support existing economic structures or to develop new structures and to create conditions for economic growth and job opportunities, will be discussed. The participants will also learn about and discuss the security threats in transition to peace, represented by the usually high number of armed individuals with a potential to jeopardise a peaceful development, and thereby emphasising the connection between security and development. The methodology is highly interactive and the learning process is supported by experienced facilitators and resource persons.

Other programs include:

  • Quiet Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution
  • Dialogue, Mediation and Conflict Resolution