About GdP

GdP (Groupe de Paris/Group for Development & Peace) is a group of highly motivated senior professionals committed to peace, justice and development. The group was established in Paris in 2008 after years of searching for a pragmatic and business focused solution to the resolution of conflict and crises.

Between them, their experience covers:

  • More than 25 years experience in international affairs, security, development and crisis situations
  • More than 25 years of service at the United Nations, International Community Organisations, National and Local Governments and business community
  • Examples of national/regional expertise: Balkans (Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia); Asia & Pacific (Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, East Timor); Middle East (Palestine, Lebanon); Africa (Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Algeria); Latin America (Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Bolivia, Colombia)

In addition, GdP coordinates a group of international senior specialists on key issues such as security, military and civilian intelligence, environmental crisis and climate change, economic recovery, governance and democratisation, GIS and satellite imagery.