Climate Change – Whose responsibility?

Education, Conservation and Economic Good Sense

I wrote this paper in many years ago when I was a young scientist at CSIRO, Australia (the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation). It is still current. Have we progressed? The language of greenhouse effect has been replaced with Climate Change, however individual responsibility is still critical. We can and must contribute to the daebate with our words and our actions.


Much has been written about the greenhouse effect and the implications on a local, national and global scale. What can the individual do with respect to alleviating the greenhouse effect and will this have a significant effect on the problem as a whole? This paper explores options for individuals and seeks to assess what quantitative and other impacts these behavioural changes will have on the greenhouse effect. The paper also examines the feasibility and costs of making such changes in the context of individual lifestyles and situations. A range of implementation strategies is discussed

Key word index:  carbon dioxide emissions, energy conservation, policy implications, education, domestic energy usage, lifestyle  impact, transport, recycling, buildings, behavioural changes.

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Jenny Morawska